Work of illustrator Kirsty Greenwood


The Brit List 2021 Winner, Best in British Product Design

Photo credit Kristopher Robshaw

Kirsty is an illustrator who works mainly within the realm of short fiction stories both for printed and online publications. With experience in many aspects of artwork, her passion is for imagery that accompanies literature based in the surreal: myths, legends and folklore and Gothic fairy tales; she has also exhibited her works internationally.

With her work focused on the idea of embracing change; she uses methods such as marbling and ink blowing to create a base for images- forming a picture that transforms at each stage. Kirsty then uses the traditional techniques of drawing with ink and paint washes to further make the image, picking out details to promote the telling of the tale through visions filled with narrative, allure and beings from around the allegorical world.

Inspired by transformation, pareidolia; aboriginal cultures, and Quixotism; her work often has its roots in dreamlike non-realities to create Art contained by the renovating of influences and ideas into images which often convey feelings of otherworldly states to produce detailed phantasmagorias, unusual scenarios and creatures.

With the advantage of an illustrative mind-set, Kirsty is motivated by metaphysical worlds, ephemeral visual misunderstanding,  transient half-light, ocular strangeness, nightmares, dreams and fleeting glimpses of unreality.

Kirsty lives in her native North Yorkshire and is heavily influenced by the rural Dales’ landscape she grew up in and literature, music and Art of all kinds.